Don Diego Gelati 

The best combination of technology and craftsmanship

The strengths of Don Diego of Pergine Valsugana divide, in particular, between the artisan production, with ice cream made with respect for tradition, fresh, healthy and good, and the products or niche products created by selected excellent companies from ' activities.
Among the handicrafts is the extensive assortment of ice cream to the milk and fruit (obtained without dairy products), it can range from very classical and traditional tastes to other more original and innovative, trying to satisfy everyone's preferences. Another specialty of the house of Don Diego Pergine Velsugana is the Italian-style semifreddo, with fresh cream and egg white, proposed in pieces available in different flavors (nougat, zabaglione, brown, meringue, yoghurt, berries, some also containing the egg yolk, devoid of vegetable fat). The frozen desserts are also available in individual portions or packaged in aluminum mono doses for quick use. Both the semifreddo in slices that those single portion should always be stored at -18 °.
What it means to produce a quality artisan ice cream?
It means using good ingredients, making sure that they are in equilibrium with each other, balancing correctly mixtures, so that the result is a full product, consistent, however, soft, resistant to melting, taste and color defined. A good product.
It means above all to know the art of ice-cream makers to which to add, in the wake of a typically Italian memory, his own personal experience: mixing tradition with innovation, meeting the trends without ever losing sight of the quality.
That the ice cream Don Diego Parisian Valsugana we also put a lot of love and passion it is something that, for over 25 years, characterizes every single ice cream that I produce.