Artisanal Porducts in Pergine Valsugana 

The artisanal products we produce: ice creams and semifreddo

The artisanal ice cream presents a high quality under the nutritional aspect, other thn the taste and consistence, which is extremely different form the industrial one. For this reason many nutritionists, especially during the spring and summer periods, advice to have lunch or dinner with a good ice artisanal ice cream. Ice and semifreddi are capable to substitute an entire meal being a the same time nutritive, light and digestible. A particular attention should be given to the persons with allergies to gluten or lactose, which are increasingly spreading. For this reason Dian s.n.c. sided to the traditional offer also artisanal products in Pergine Valsugana, which are ice creams and semifreddi without any gluten or lactose. In particular, for what concerns the gluten free ones, they include all the ice cream tastes excluding rhum and raisin, tiramisu, amaretto, cookie, meringue and for what concerns the smifreddi zabaglione, meringata, amaretto and cookies. 

Following the definition of the Italian Association for Celiac Disease, the latter is a permanent allergy to gluten, which the protein-based substance present in oat, kamut, wheat, spelt and rye. According to recent evaluations, in Italy there are at least 400 thousand cases of this kind. Without considering that today the 40% of the children is sensible or completely allergic to some aliments, which then are to be limited or erased from the diet, especially in the most risky situations, in which even small traces of flour can be toxic. It is important, though, that the persons do not have to give up on taste and they can gift themselves with some deliciousness. In this sense it is offered the range artisanal products in Pergine Valsugana produced by the company, without gluten or lactose. In particular, these are available at the activity Dian s.n.c., and include fruit-based varieties, but for banana and coconut. With the lactose allergy it is intended the incapability of the organism to digest the main disaccharide contained in milk and its derivates. These problem would come from the absence, in the human body, of the lactose enzyme, which handles the division of the simple sugars, so that they can easily be absorbed by the intestinal apparatus. It is important that te various specialized activities in food production manage to offer to the customer some alternatives which, as in these two cases, can satisfy the needs and necessities of the consumer who need a particular and more attentive outlook.