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Artisanal ice cream in Pergine Valsugana

A long confectionery tradition

Passion, love and a strong experience: these are the ingredients of the recipe for success for Dian S.N.C. which sells artisanal ice cream in many different shapes, granting to the client a product which is always healthy, tasty and genuine. The activity has renewed its laboratory in 2008, optimizing the production and stocking system thanks to the introduction of new technologies (homogenization, quick cooling with heat exchangers and so on) to further improve the quality of the product and to be able to quickly and punctually respond to the orders. It has been developed a program of traceability which is customized for the company. Moreover, the whole staff is constantly kept up to propose an offer which is increasingly excellent.

The artisanal ice cream in Pergine Valsugana sold by the Dian company present itself with a wide range. There are cream and fruit-tasting ice creams (all of them without milk-based ingredients). The creams go from the classic crème, vanilla, hazelnut up to chocolate and dark chocolate, and then chocolate mint, chocolate ripple, Bacio Perugina, Malaga, trifle, coffee, pistachio, yogurt, Tiramisù, Nutella, black cherry, nougat, crème caramel, licorice, white Bacio Perugina, amaretto, cookies, variegated Nutella, mint, meringue, yogurt with berries, cinnamon, zabaglione. The fruit-based ice creams include: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, apricot, pineapple, melon, banana, coconut, orange, tangerine, apple, watermelon, ACE, lemon, mango, passion fruit, grapefruit, elder, mulberry. 

They can be packed in plastic or steel bowls, available in different dimensions for all the tasty necessities. Within the offer of artisanal ice cream in Pergine Valsugana there are many kinds of semifreddo: the semifreddo is produced with the typical recipes of the Made in Italy tradition, which involve a base of fresh cream and albumen.

The semifreddo are offered in many tastes such as nougat, zabaglione, chestnuts, meringue, yogurt, berries; some of them also contain the egg yolk, without vegetal fats and to be conserved at -18 degrees. The mono-portion semifreddo are prepared with the same recipes of the big quantities, though they are packed in mono-portions in steel in order to get a quick use without having to handle the leftovers within the menus, and they are also available in different kinds according to the client’s tastes. Other than the wide range of artisanal ice creams and semifreddo produced in their own laboratory, the company which produces artisanal ice cream in Pergine Valsugana offers a wide range of products which are sold in order to face all client’s needs and necessities. The latter include alcohol-free sorbets with scents of lemon, tangerine and green apple; the format are the 1 lt bottles. For what concerns the truffle in fact they are both black and white sold in 100 gr portions and packed in 16 pieces boxes.

The company, which for many years now has been the main supplier of many enterprises of the restoration and small-medium food distribution and retail field, works in the full respect of all the National and European normative. That happens in matter of safety at work, food and sanitary, with innovative equipment and machinery, the professionalism of extraordinarily enthusiast and skillful workers, and the constant research for excellent and healthy raw materials, which endure to the customer a high quality production in terms of ice creams with a unique taste, semifreddo, sorbets and truffles.

Ice creams

The laboratory is specialized in the production of ice creams, available in a wide assortment, such as creams and fruit-scented tastes.

Ice creams

Big quantities of semifreddo

The laboratory Dian s.n.c. is famous for its production of big quantities of semifreddo, available in different tastes, all of them delicious.

Big quantities of semifreddo

Mono-portions of semifreddo

The laboratory Don Diego prepares a lot of mono-portions of semifreddo, available in many varieties.


The truffles, typical of the patisserie from Calabria, are another of the leading products of the artisanal laboratory Don Diego.



The lemon sorbet, distributed by Dian s.n.c. is alcohol-free, then suiting everyone.

About Us

Dian s.n.c. in the Trento province has renewed its laboratory of artisanal ice cream in Pergine Valsugana during 2008, investing on the optimization of the production and stocking system thanks to the introduction of new technologies to improve the quality of te product and to be able to respond with quickness and punctuality to the orders. All the staff has to undertake a constant professional updating to propose an offer which is innovative and high quality at the same time.

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Don Diego

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